Compression Textile

Medical compression is an elastic textile device which pressure on the lower extremities reached of venous disease, to support the return of blood towards the heart.

Medical compression can be applied in several forms:
socks, low, sticking

The travel, a worsening factor
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The longer the travel is, the more it is necessary to prevent the risks of venous thrombosis whose consequences can be very serious. According to a study of WHO on the travel, the passengers of the planes, trains, buses or motorists are exposed at the higher risk of venous thromboembolia during displacement of more than 4 hours.

In the plane, your circulation is an essential risk factor!
At the time of travel by plane, the risk is increased because of ambient pressure decrease.

You are all the more concerned if:

  • You are pregnant or you have just been confined
  • You suffer from cardiopulmonary or inflammatory affection
  • You suffer from a trauma of the lower extremities or carry a plaster
  • You have just undergone a large surgical operation

The solution: medical compression


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